Falling alone

Yutang Lin

As autumn winds started to blow
Withered leaves flew down dancing on their wings
As cold winter arrived
Only bare branches left stretching up into the sky

Peach blossom covered all branches
Along each breeze passed by some petals falling off alone
Day by day the blossom mixed with more and more green shoots
Only a few weeks later
Foliage took over all branches, mixed with dangling tiny peaches

People of one generation
Are like
Foliage on a tree, blossom of one season
Trembling in the breeze of time
     Gradually falling off alone
Until one by one all fallen off
     It took but a century long

You and I still alive
Are like one leaf, one petal
Not knowing when to fall alone
Yet still stayed dreaming

Written in Chinese and translated on April 24, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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