Self Smuggled among Heard and Seen

Yutang Lin

As matters arose, each had individual position
Such is the norm for ordinary people
Practicing Dharma to escape from prejudices
One could pay attention to what is heard or seen
And distinguishing those heard or seen from
Smuggled among them, those added by oneself
As what I think, what I want and what I care about

If such distinction could not be made clearly
Reading a letter may get one's ideas that are not written there
Writing a note may omit intentions that should be stated clearly
Not to mention
Interactions in the world are genuine or not, believed or not
No wonder communication and transmission
Are often misleading or misled in many directions

To practice Dharma it is better to first simplify one's mind
By learning to see and hear as it is
Without personal ideas and feelings smuggled among them
That would seem like a fool in worldly ways
Yet, on the contrary, will be in accord with "no intentions"

If this step still could not be accomplished
How could we talk about application born of no intentions

Written in Chinese and translated on April 22, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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