Speedy Arrival of Dragon King's Grace

Yutang Lin

Not hindered by the toil of driving alone for long-distance,
Had come up twice to attend fire pujas and vase offerings;
Looking for a job but hard to meet one for several months,
Will apply what he had learned to the job he found today!


Upasaka Lee lives in Los Angeles area. Not hindered by the toil of driving alone all the long way up here, he attended the two recent fire pujas and vase offering. The first time, when we returned to my altar room, he took refuge from me. Not long ago he graduated from school, and had been in search of a job. For months the resumes he sent out did not get any response. After he attended our Dharma activities for the first time, responses in the form of phone calls or interviews started to appear. Yesterday was the second time he attended our Dharma activities, and he also offered a vase to the Dragon King. This morning he went to an interview and got hired. Furthermore, the job is in the exact area where he had been trained for in school. Dragon King's grace is so prominent and arrives so speedily; we are all very happy for him. Disciple Xin Ping earnestly requested that I wrote this down so that the public may learn about such auspicious inspirations, and thereby increase their faith in the Dharma.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 6, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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